CLEARiTA is a brand of personal care products with emphasis cleanliness, safety and health. Inspired by the wonderful colors in life daily we offer a variety of different scented products to spice up your life.

All CLEARiTA products are created and tested to work in the lab and on us, never on animals. We pledge to create high quality products that are safe, non toxic and highly effective, so you can use it at ease daily. Emphasis of using vegan, high quality and more than 99.5% natural plant based ingredients, we try to use as much natural plant sourced ingredients whenever possible.
Safe, non toxic and highly effective. Created without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and petroleum.

Natural Sanitizer

Our natural hand sanitizer is formulated with you in mind, tested to kill 99.99% germs, safe for children, vegan, cruelty free and no harmful chemicals.

Formulated with 75% high quality denatured alcohol derived from fermentation of grains and Aloe Vera extract, high in antioxidant, enzymes, Vitamin A and C that which helps in moisturizing dry skin and good for those with sensitive skin.

The glycerin we use in this product is a natural humectant that was derived from coconut, sunflower, canola and other vegetable sources.

There is a variety of different scent to choose from, each are scented with unique fine fragrance made with a combination of natural organic compounds.

Feel free to choose from the selection of uplifting scents and use based on your mood or any occasion.

Scents available are Blue Fleur/Flower, Bamboo Forest, Lavender, Wild Oud and Wild Vanilla.

Wishing you a wonderful day with an uplifted mood with the use of our products.